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Micon International

API Integration - Wordpress - Web Design

Coming from a mining consultancy background, Micon International established its roots in online world a few months ago with the help of Invasion World. Showcasing everything from Portfolio presentation to services to assignments to team, company has stepped into the world where sky is the limit of success.

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AUJ Online

Web Design - Logo - Shopping Cart

Auj Online is one of the emerging lawn designers in fashion industry. Giving you outclass designs and making your summers cool, Auj was introduced by Invasion World in online world about a year ago. Now you can order your favorite unstitched lawn anytime by visiting their website and get free home delivery.

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Over Cat

Web Design - Development - Logo

Brand awareness through quick means is no more a problem now. Over Cat has become word of mouth encompassing website development and online marketing activities. Maintaining its top position in Fashion Industry, Invasion World has helped Over Cat make progress by leaps and bounds.

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NAO - Ontario

Development - Wordpress - Design

Getting up to date information about investment opportunities in Ontario was never so easy that it has become now with the help of Invasion World. It brought NAO-Ontario (Network of Angel Organizations – Ontario) into online world for you to take a glimpse at a road to success being investors or entrepreneurs.

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Smorgas Boarder

Web Design - Development - Joomla - Magazines

Access to surf magazine for Australian and New Zealand surfers is just a click away. Getting up to date information about various stuff is a piece of cake now that was made possible by Smorgas Boarder. Go and visit them now to see the difference Invasion World has created in online world for them.

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Book of Cool

Design App - Development - Database

See, do and get the coolest things in the world, says Book of Cool – an online portal that helps you explore the coolest stuff people have uploaded online and get ranking in accordance with the quality of content. Invasion World’s this piece of work brings forth the hidden beauty of things that people kept with themselves before Book of Cool came into existence.

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ERP - Development - Database

Get social tools and insight on investment opportunities through Invasion World has developed this advanced financial data portal and social network for to bring both, the self-directed investors and start-ups, together on one platform to foster their relationship as business partners.

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Ellis Faas

Web Design - Development - Shopping Cart

Ellis Faas is famous for her good eye for fashion. Invasion World helped this one of the most influential make-up artists get popularity online by bringing into existence a state of the art website that portrays her art and passion both simultaneously. Whether it’s about make-up or photography, Ellis is known for the beauty she possesses in her work.

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Rose of Tralee

Development - Joomla - Ecommerce

Have passion to be a rose? Be part of Rose of Tralee International Festival by applying online. Invasion World helps cover the distance existing between you and Rose of Tralee by providing a web portal that not only facilitates you with ease of applying but also give latest updates about festival, centers and sponsors etc.

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Volunteer Toronto

Development - Wordpress - Design

Aiming at building a caring and committed community of people ready to volunteer for structuring a healthy Toronto, Volunteer Toronto is city’s no. 1 source for volunteer opportunities that you can access easily online now. Invasion World helps you become part of this Canada’s largest volunteer center within no time.

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Plan 27

Web Design - Development - Wordpress

Don’t look at your business the same way again with the help of Plan27. You have online access to your managed services marketing team now. Wherever you are in the world, Invasion World connects you with them through their website. Visit it today and step into the world where businesses find a new direction to growth differently.

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Body Rock TV

Shopify - Development - Design

Reach your fitness goals with Body Rock. Get online health tips, fitness training, health recipes and motivational tips on a single platform. Invasion World has paved the path for you to get easy access to all this in no time. Come, be part of it to enjoy a healthy life style today.

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Play Marketing Research

Design - Responsive - Development

Selling your products and services to generate revenue is one thing but remaining on top of competition and in demand is something businesses need today. Play Market Research is playing a pivotal role in helping businesses establish their identities by providing latest creative market research that is not only easy to read but cost-effective also.

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Development - Customized - Design

Freshii is known for adding magic to the fresh food business. With mission in hand i.e. to eliminate the excuse that people don’t eat well, Freshii has spread rapidly with its branches worldwide. Invasion World developed web portal for this 2013’s top franchise of the year in Canada few months back to help it gain strong online presence.

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